About us


Is a Farm Estate Company giving people an opportunity to invest into farming business by buying our farmland and start up your farm business. You can also secure a plot/acres of land for investment and resell in nearby future.

We can also do the farming for you while you sit at the comfort of your home and earn extra income monthly, this means getting a land meant for farming from us, the land is yours and then let’s assume you want to plant cassava, vegetables, corn etc. we get labourers to do the planting, grooming, weeding and harvesting for you, yours is to enjoy your profit after the harvesting by selling farm products.

You might want to do all the process, we are okay with it, you just purchase your land and organize labourers to do the farming, monitoring etc.

Security is guaranteed as the farm is bought in a farm estate.

• We have section for the following farming
(a) Crop farming
(b) Animal Husbandry
(c) Poultry and Fishery



To be the Global leader in farms estate investment by harnessing our knowledge and energy to provide goods and services that are necessary for life, health and growth.


To unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.


• To ensure the prosperity and wellbeing of Petco Green Farms employees, customers and shareholders. Cumulative long term profit growth is essential. How we achieve this objective is as important as the objective itself. Fundamental to our success are the core values we believe an and practice.

• Employees are the source of Petco Green Farms success. We communicate openly, treat each other with respect, promote teamwork and encourage personal initiative and growth. Excellent in performance is sought and rewarded.

• Customers receive our strongest commitment to meet their needs with high quality products and superior service.

• Products are based on innovation technology, continuous improvement and added value for our customers and end users.

• Our conduct demonstrate a deep concern for human safety and
Environmental stewardship, while embracing the highest standards of ethics and citizenship.