Flourishingfield Farm estate is giving you an opportunity to invest into our farming business in our farm estate. we don’t only sell land,we also help you to farm depending on your choice of farming while you sit at the comfort of your home.

A plot of land is selling for N550k while an acre (6)plots selling for N3.1million

(a) Registered Survey plan
(b) Layout
(c) Good road Network
(d) Good Security Network
(e) Central Water System
(f) Immediate Physical allocation after full payment

LOCATION; Apena Omigade Village Ajura Siun off Lagos ibadan expressway.less than 20minutes drive from Rccg camp, 42 minutes drive from Ikeja secretariat

• Buy into flourishing field farm Estate and make extra income by investing in Agriculture through Farming at the comfort of your home.

Did you know? that Empty Plot of Land You left fallow can fetch you good money if you choose to turn it into a Plantain plantation?

We are here to help you achieve that without stress, our ‘Show Us Your Land Program’ is still ongoing . This is a Program whereby we will send Our Plantain Suckers and Our Farmers to work for you at a very affordable Cost.

All you need to do is to Show Us your cleared piece of land and we will Fix Up a Plantain Plantation there for you.

We have already figured out a Transparent Calculation of what is required for a Plot of Land as Stated Below:

1. A Plot of Land takes 160 suckers which is 48,000 @ 300Naira per Sucker

Transportation cost ₦10,000 for 160 suckers

Poultry waste as Manure which is a Basic Requirement for Planting is ₦30,000 for 20 Bags @ ₦1,500Per Bag (Transportation to Farm site 15,000)

Sucker Planting:
Planting is ₦32,000 @ ₦200 Naira Per Plantain

Clearing per plot thrice before harvest 36,000

Pesticide 10,000 per plot

Total ₦181,000

The above Calculation is for one (1) Plot of Land within Ogun and Lagos axis

If You have Multiple Plots of Land, all You need is to Multiply the Cost with the Number of Plots of Land.